Is Mediation Right for You?

Mediation is right for you if:
  1. You are willing to work alongside your spouse, with the help of the mediator, to settle your case.
  2. You are willing to act respectfully toward your spouse and control your negative emotions.
  3. You are willing to compromise.
  4. You are willing to keep an open mind, to brainstorm and discuss alternative solutions.
  5. You are willing to be open and honest and fully disclose the information needed to complete the divorce process.
  6. You want to control the outcome of your case in a private setting.
Mediation is not right for you if:
  1. You or your spouse cannot behave respectfully toward one another or the mediator.
  2. You or your spouse cannot control feelings of hostility toward one another.
  3. There is a history of abuse in your relationship.
  4. You or your spouse are hiding assets and are unwilling to be transparent during the disclosure process.
  5. You or your spouse are not competent to make legal decisions.
  6. Your spouse is unwilling to mediate.

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