The San Diego County Court system has special courts for Family Law matters. They have developed a self-help page that answers many commonly asked questions. There are links to resources that allow you to fill out forms on your own. The State Bar of California also provides answers to many frequently asked questions about divorce. If you are going to work with an attorney, however, we recommend you seek their assistance before filing anything.

Parenting and Related Issues Involving Children
San Diego offers a number of resources to help you address the non-legal aspects of issues that commonly arise with children during divorce. A few are listed here.

Family Court Services (FCS) – Parent Orientation
FCS provides a weekly Parent Orientation meeting to provide general information regarding child custody and Family Court matters. This meeting is facilitated by an FCS Counselor. The orientation lasts about 1 hour.

Kids’ Turn San Diego
Kids’ Turn is a program that works with the family to achieve a child centered and healthy divorce. It is a low cost solution for families experiencing the pain of divorce or separation. It offers workshops to assist families through a healthy transition.

Hannah’s House at Real Solutions Center for Children in San Diego
Hannah’s House provides a safe and supervised setting for parents and children to visit when there are emotional, physical, or health concerns. This helps children cope during the transition of separation and divorce.

Personal Safety
San Diego has a number of resources for individuals concerned about their personal safety. A few are listed here.

Center For Community Solutions
Center for Community Solutions provides services for victims of assault, rape, or domestic violence and assists with treatment and prevention.

San Diego Domestic Violence Hotline
The Domestic Violence Hotline provides referrals to a variety of services such as domestic violence shelter bed availability, counseling services, support group services, emergency food and clothing, legal services, anti-stalking information, and other available community resources.

Information about different types of divorce settlement options
Many people have questions about alternatives to going to court. Below are some links to different types of alternative dispute resolution forums. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of these options with you when we meet.

Collaborative Divorce

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